View from Coryton House

Accessibility Statement

For Coryton House

At the moment, there are no bedrooms on the ground floor and so all bedrooms have to be reached by the main stairs.   There are also back stairs so there is an alternative, but these have a tightish turn on them.  From the front drive, there is a 9cm step into the entrance hall and the rest of the ground floor is flat and step free.  Carpet and rugs in the sitting room, wooden parquet floor and loose rugs in the main dining hall, rough slate floor in the kitchen. The narrowest ground floor door is into the kitchen at 77cm wide.  There is a loo next to the entrance hall, and another small loo beyond the kitchen.  The main stairs have a handrail on the right side when going up. The steps are 1 metre wide, 16 cm high and 29cm deep. 14 steps to small landing/turn, then 8 to first floor landing.

We do have a plan to make an attached ground floor suite available (bedroom, shower room, and small kitchen): useful for a cook or someone who find stairs difficult.